When our son was three weeks old he had a horrible outbreak of baby acne/dermatitis/eczema on
his face and ears.  His skin was very red and dry and it was causing him some discomfort.  We did
not want to use any harsh products and opted to let nature run its course.  We were desperate for a
natural product to help ease the itchiness associated with his irritated skin.  We tried Purémedy on
the weepy spots and it really helped a great deal!
He is now ten weeks old and his skin is clear, however we keep Purémedy on hand for any
scratches or flare-ups.  I use Purémedy on my lips everyday as well.

Lindsay, CA      uses the Baby Skin Formula
I'm an adrenaline junkie and am frequently getting bruised and cut up. Also being an actor, my cuts
and scrapes don't always go over well in my profession and I'm constantly trying to figure out how to
get them to heal as quickly as possible or hide them. I had some cuts on my arms that look as if they
were scrubbed with steel wool, from my Krav Maga training (Contact Combat) which would have
normally taken about another 2 weeks to heal. A friend gave me the Purémedy baby skin formula to
use and to my surprise 3 days later my cuts were completely healed!!!

Kevin Peake, CA       uses the Baby Skin Formula
I bought this product at a shop in Cannon Beach, OR. and am almost out of it and I've gotta tell you,
I think it's GREAT!!!  I have two dogs who occasionally have allergy issues, they're Golden
Retrievers and that's pretty common to this breed.  What I didn't count on is that it would be so
effective on my dog Josh's severe ear allergies/infections.  PLUS, he ended up with a large
hematoma on his ear due to scratching.  I took him to the vet and he wanted to lance it and wrap
Josh's head and put him through a lot of stress, pain and anxiety, all so that his ear wouldn't look
like a "potato chip".  I asked the vet if I didn't do that, would he be in pain and he said no.  So, I
decided to put the Puremedy on the inner flap and inside the ear instead because I figured it would
ease the itchiness and low and behold, his ear is going down and looking much better!  Along with
that, when he does have itchy ears-a lifelong issue for him - I put your product inside after cleaning
his ears and it brings immediate results!  I did an experiment, using the vet's very expensive salve
vs. Puremedy and I've gotta tell you, yours is better and natural, which is one of the biggest reasons
I decided to give it a whirl.  Originally, I bought it to use on my horse because she was getting bitten
by a miniature donkey, but haven't had occasion to use it on her yet.  It will now be a standard item
in healing department of my cupboard!  I'm looking at getting some of your facial cream for myself,
Thank you!

Gayle Rich-Boxman, OR       uses the Veterinarian Formula
Melanie uses
the Original
Drawing Salve
(formerly known
as the infection
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Diabetic Foot Sore treated with
Original Drawing Salve
MRSA Infection treated with
Original Drawing Salve
Tom uses the
Face Cream
Meeghan uses
the Face Cream
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Lance uses the
Original Drawing Salve
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I purchased the Puremedy Original drawing salve because the Dr. diagnosed me with CA-MRSA. I'd
never heard of it. My thigh was swollen, purple,hard and hurting. Yuckie. He said I had the worst
strain! I can't imagine how I got it. The antibiotics make me nauseated. The cream has eliminated
the purple and the sore has healed. The leg is now back to it's normal color and soft again so I
imagine the infection is almost, if not completely gone (3 days).

Thank you for sharing the miracle product.

Terlyn Nowell
"Look -  No Eczema!"
I had eczema on my hands for several
years and I used all the doctors creams and
nothing worked! After using Purémedy my
eczema is gone and it has not come back
after 6 month! Thank you....
Devin Bauer, Topanga CA
Having had a chronic sinus infection since
early childhood, with antibiotics and
surgeries, allergies ruled my life for awhile.
It led me to the best of treatments and I
became a healer for myself and others.
Then, whatever lay dormant, came out as a
wound on my nose, and for 3 years I tried
everything I could find, to no avail. Keeping
infection out of it, or pulling the deeper
infection up, became the issue so that it
could heal. When my doctor put your salve
on it, within minutes, it changed for the first
time. The color improved, the infection
raised up just under the skin around the
wound, and the floor of the wound closed
in and became shallow. It is on its way to
recovery. Thank you so much for bringing
this wonderful remedy to the public.

Peggy S. Kissner, OMD, PhD, CA
Hi everyone,

The infection in my nose was getting really bad as it had spread so much it felt like it was even in
the eyes and bones. I had already had weeks and weeks of antibiotics, sometimes 2 i.v.’s a day and
the infection still persisted. While at the health food store looking for anything that might pull the
infection out I was introduced to a relatively new product called  Puremedy Original Drawing Salve
at www.puremedy.com.   I was so blessed to be able to talk to one of the owners of this company
Joni. She called me every day   just to see how it was going and  to  encourage me. At first it was
very uncomfortable as the product began to work. As evidenced by the signs of infection on the
bandage there was a great deal of infection and it has taken 3 weeks to get almost clear.

Patricia Shamblin, CA         uses the Original Drawing Salve
I had this problem with a large area on my
leg which had been a disaster for more
than two years. I had basically 'shredded'
by leg it was an angry red, and anytime it
started to heal to any extent, I'd tear it all
open by scratching it either in my sleep or
while awake. I couldn't even drive my car
without this habit of scratching my leg.

Without boring you with all the remedies I
attempted, let me just say I tried
EVERYTHING. And to no avail. Now here's
where it gets so interesting. I decided to try
your product because it appeared to fill a
need I had.

In LESS THAN 36 HOURS, my leg had
basically healed over.!!!!!
Furthermore, I was not scratching it in my
sleep or when awake. I definitely had some
kind of bad infection; but the skin has
healed and the redness is nearly
disappeared. I am SO amazed and SO
happy. I would recommend this to ANYONE
who has such a problem.

Rush T. Caley
Port Orchard, WA.
I am a diabetic who has had psoriasis on
my feet for years.  I tried Puremedy on my
feet twice daily for three days and it
appears to be completely gone!  My feet
are so soft and free of any dry skin
whatsoever.  Thank you Puremedy!

Sally Holan, OR
Paul Troutman from
Washington State
experienced the power of
the eczema free formula.
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