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Golden goodness: topical benefits of argan oil

If you look at the ingredients you will see that many of our beauty products contain Argan Oil including Acne Relief, Nourishing Face Cream, Clarifying Face Cream, Rosacea Relief, and Intensive Skin Repair . Argan oil is light and is easily absorbed by the skin, unlike many other oils that just lay on the skin's surface, making [...]

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Topical uses of calendula

There are many topical uses for calendula today just as there were in ancient times, and these benefits keep adding up! This homeopathic remedy is a powerhouse of a topical treatment for everything from acne to eczema, wound healing and even bed sores! Take a look at some of the many benefits of calendula, [...]

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Post-menopausal success story

Truly amazing success story that all post-menopausal women should read!!   One of our clients was experiencing bladder leakage. Searching for an answer, she had undergone three vaginal mesh surgeries. Each were disappointingly unsuccessful, so the doctor decided to put her on estrogen boosters. Hot flashes became unbearable, and she was no longer able to [...]

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