Why are antibiotic creams often not the best choice for wound healing?


Antibiotics have been used only for the last 70 years to help kill bacteria and stall infections. Before that time, plant and traditional antibacterial materials were used, methods that naturally still work! Antibiotics help to reduce infection, but bacteria are growing increasingly smart in their survival and are starting to phase out the effectiveness of drugs. MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is an infectious bacterium which begins on the skin most of the time. This superbug will no longer respond to most antibiotics and can lead to death via systemic infection. Man-made antibiotics are therefore becoming a problem – creating antibiotic resistance. 


Why is Puremedy’s line of all-natural salves a great alternative to synthetic wound and skin care?


Puremedy uses only natural, food-grade ingredients for wound and skin condition healing. Because Puremedy’s Original Healing Salve is based on a proprietary blend of pine and fir tree extracts, it’s scientifically able to work as well – if not better – than synthetic ointments. Tree sap naturally contains a complex bacteria-fighting mechanism to protect trees from microorganisms in the air. These properties carry over into formulas we create, and added ingredients like calendula, elder flower and Echinacea further the wound healing process and help reduce inflammation. In 2010, Accu Biochem labs ran an in vitro study showing our Original Healing Salve to kill 99.99% of bacterial and fungal strains including Staph, MRSA, Strep, Candida and more! 


What are differences in the strengths of Puremedy products?


All of our extra strength products contain the Original Healing Salve at their base, with added botanicals specifically catering to each skin condition. For example, the Eczema Relief salve has added Berberine (which helps to calm rashes) and Non-GMO Vitamin E (to help rebuild the skin barrier) in addition to the Original. Our Cold Sore formula contains the virus-fighting tree resin Dragon’s Blood. Those using Puremedy’s extra strength products receive the full drawing property of the pine, and also the ability of the salve to kill 99.99% of studied bacterial and fungal strains, in addition to their skin healing additives. Our medium formulas (First Aid and Veterinary Wound Care) have a lesser pine content for more gentle healing action – great for minor wounds. Puremedy’s mild formulas (the Baby line, Face Creams and Feminine Moisturizer) are very gentle, with mild clearing action and the ability to protect and nourish the skin. We also provide vegan options for our vegan friends!