About Us

Puremedy is rooted in ancient healing discoveries made by Native Americans and today are backed by modern science.


In the late 1800s, great-grandfather suffered a serious burn on his foot that became badly infected. The doctor wanted to amputate his leg at the hip, but his father instead sought the advice of a Medicine Man. The Medicine Man crafted a salve, which ultimately saved his leg from amputation, healing both the infection and the burn.


Joseph grew up to become a carpenter and furniture maker, but also spent much of his time making the salve for his friends and family—even selling the salve to local doctors. His son, Pete, continued the family legacy with a passionate belief in the natural medicine. In the mid-century natural salves were systematically replaced by topical antibiotic creams and petroleum-based jelly.


My earliest childhood memories include our spirited family salve-making days. My Grandpa Pete, with all his passion, taught us how to make the salve. He shared story after story about how the salve healed ailments—from diabetic foot sores, to burns, skin infection, and much more.


The Medicine Man’s healing salve made from natural and organic plant-based ingredients is my family’s tradition. Today, our natural salve is clinically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and promote healing circulation making Puremedy backed by science.


Much has changed in healthcare over the past 150 years. Science has significantly advanced the state of healthcare. For several generations, modern medicine carried unquestioning allegiance. Today, many of us question some of the commercialized chemical healthcare remedies and seek to include natural remedies among our healthcare options. But we want to understand the science behind their effectiveness. In other words, we’re open to natural remedies, but we are savvy consumers.


Puremedy has enlisted in independent laboratory studies. These studies consistently validate the effectiveness of our all-natural formulas and are available for your review.


Puremedy provides natural and organic healthcare options that are backed by science. The Medicine Man’s recipe for a healing salve has been passed down for generations. In 1904, Joseph hand wrote several copies of this treasured formula. My copy of the recipe hangs framed in my office. It is the foundation for all our Puremedy products. We continue to diligently search out and formulate nature’s remedies to heal what ails us and to live healthier lives.

What We Believe

We believe nature gives us all the tools we need to heal what ails us and to live healthy and prosperous lives. Equally important, we believe science must be explored in order to fully understand these natural remedies and how best to utilize them. In our family, we’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of examples of how this amazing salve has healed all sorts of things from third degree burns, to diabetic foot sores, bed sores, gangrene, surgical infections and much more. But it’s not enough to simply ‘believe’ our salve is effective. It is our job to prove it.


We believe it is our responsibility to provide science-based evidence about our healing salves. That’s why we have invested in over a dozen in-vitro laboratory studies proving the salve is bactericidal (meaning it kills bacteria including MRSA) as well as bacteriostatic. We are not allowed to use the word ‘antibacterial’, because this is a medical claim and can only be made by drugs approved by the FDA. It is our plan to take our salve through the rigorous FDA process, conduct the appropriate studies and prove beyond the shadow of a doubt all of the wonderful qualities we have consistently seen over the past centuries.


By drawing out foreign matter from skin and tissue, by managing bacteria, and by increasing blood circulation to the area, we believe the salve creates the environment for the body to heal itself and helps the body to actually grow new tissue.


We believe in using only the finest 100% certified organic or wild crafted food grade ingredients. We believe it is our mission to make our salve available to everyone on the planet using the purest ingredients available with the gentlest environmental footprint possible, and to help reduce the global mis-use of antibiotics.


We believe in putting an end to all animal testing. Period. It is counter intuitive to abuse and torture animals in the name of Health and Wellness.

Our Founder’s Message

From the time I was a small child, I knew this would be my life’s work. The salve saved my mom’s life before I was born. She had an appendectomy in 1960 and acquired a severe infection in the hospital post surgery. It turned into gangrene of the lining of the stomach and Peritonitis. Being severely allergic to Penicillin, the doctors had no alternative treatment for her, and gave her 3 days to live. My Dad snuck in the salve, packed her incision and by morning the healing process had clearly started. The following night they repeated the salve treatment, and she was released on the third day, completely healed. Her doctors were baffled and called it a medical miracle.


My grandfather was my teacher and I learned everything I could from him before his passing. I earned a business finance degree from college and tried to start the company when I graduated in 1987. However, at that time, many health food stores were still selling topical antibiotics and there wasn’t a perceived need in our consciousness for a natural alternative. After 13 years in Private Wealth Management, working for several Wall Street firms, an increasing amount of information started to come out about the overuse and mis-use of antibiotics which created “superbugs” including MRSA.


So I knew the time was right. I quit my job, began waiting tables at night, and started the company by making one batch of salve at a time and selling to one store at a time. Since then, our product offering has grown to over 40 formulations each specifically tailored for various conditions and my line is available in thousands stores around the world. Thank you for being a part of a legacy, a journey and a quiet yet potent revolution to change the way we think about health and beauty. Not only are you a part of our story but you are a part of our family and we are so grateful.


Blessings in health,


Joni Siegel
Owner, Founder and Formulator
Puremedy, INC