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Wound Care and First Aid Ointment


160 years ago an Indigenous Medicine Man formulated this healing ointment which saved a man’s life. Now this same medicine is available for your animals to help heal wounds, puncture wounds, cuts, scratches, burns, fly bites, insect bites, surgical incisions, rash, hot spots, saddle sores, sunburns, mouth sores, and more. This ointment will help hair to grow back on old sores, wounds, burns, etc.

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“I call it the magic salve. Our animals have been using it for 10 years and we have seen it perform miracles for our animals. I wouldn’t be without it! My entire family uses it too.” ~~Ellie Laks, Founder, The Gentle Barn


Organic extra virgin olive oil, wild harvested pine, candelilla wax, organic shea butter, organic castor oil, organic coconut oil, organic Canadian fir balsam, organic echinacea, organic elder, organic calendula.


Apply very liberally to clean area 1 – 3 times per day. Cover with a non absorbent bandaging material if possible. If it’s not possible to cover the area, then apply liberally to the area as frequently as possible.


If an allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately and wash off with warm soapy water. Do not use if allergic or hypersensitive to any ingredient in this product.

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