Puremedy Animal Wellness

Our products are here! These long awaited formulations have been hand crafted, refined and perfected over many years and put to the test by pet owners, trainers, Veterinarians, show barns and animal sanctuaries. Now these powerful natural remedies are available for your beloved animals.  


The entire Puremedy family is proud to support the Gentle Barn, the gold standard for animal rescue.The Gentle Barn rescues animals from severe abuse and neglect who are too old, sick, lame, or scared to be adopted into homes.  10% of all top line revenue from the sale of all PAW products is donated directly to the Gentle Barn.


Why Gentle Barn + Puremedy?  About 10 years ago, one Autumn morning in Topanga, CA I sipped my tea and turned on my favorite show, CBS Sunday morning.  Little did I know my world was about to change forever.  Ellie Laks, the founder of the Gentle Barn just glowed as she introduced the television audience to some of her animals and told us their stories.  She talked about how she started the Gentle Barn organically, giving a home to some severely neglected petting zoo animals.  Within 2 hours I was with her, face to face.  I had met a true soul sister.  I brought several cases of my Original Healing Ointment to use on their rescued animals to help them heal.  Since then, all Gentle Barn animals use Puremedy when they have a cut, wound, burn, stitches, infection, insect bites, fly bites, skin rashes, inflammation, or just a spot that the Veterinarian is unable to diagnose.  Not only do all of her animals use Puremedy, but her family and friends do as well.  I’m so happy to be supporting Ellie and Jay and their entire team in a more meaningful way now, to help them carry out their extraordinary work helping animals all over the United States and beyond. 

~~ Joni Siegel, Founder, Puremedy

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