The Truth about Black Salves

Curious about Black Salve but are afraid to ask?

Last week I watched in disbelief as Dr. Oz aired a segment about Black Salve that was misguided, poorly researched, gave false information, and generated fear and uncertainty among his visibly upset audience members. He claimed that black salve is dangerous, would rot your skin and permanently disfigure your face, and more. The goal of his show seemed not to educate, but to discredit black salve.

His mistake: he lumped all black salve into one category, hence the confusion. But there are two categories of black salve - one is safe, and the other requires further education.

First, a quick bit of history. I started my Natural Products company 12 years ago from the kitchen in my cottage, following my lifelong dream of making my family’s ancient wound healing medicine available to everyone who needs it. The ointment came to our family from an Indigenous Shaman over 160 years ago, and is proven to kill a broad spectrum of bacteria and superbugs including MRSA and I’ve always felt a moral imperative to share this with the world.

So now, to the story. About 7 years ago, while training a local store about my line I was summoned to a remote village on a far away Mountain to meet an Elder Cherokee Medicine Woman. The entire process was secretive and filled with mystery, intrigue and a sense of a deep connection to a time long ago. As I approached her, on her secret little farm, her face filled with a warm gentle smile. She had been shown in a vision that I would be coming and she looked relieved when our eyes connected. Yes, I was the one. (I had no idea what that meant at the time).

She proceeded to teach me an old Indian cancer remedy which I have lovingly come to call the “Crazy Black Salve”. This is sold in many forms but basically, the main ingredients are bloodroot and zinc chloride. Over the course of the next 3 days, she taught me how to harvest and blend each ingredient but that was only a small portion of my education. She captivated me, showing me how to dance in the forest and pray over the medicine to infuse it with ancestral energy of healing, wellness and forgiveness. Her grace and wisdom I have often longed for since returning to Los Angeles.

I will always remember my time on that beautiful mountain with this old soul, and all the lessons she imparted to me about the energy of cancer, and how we can all learn from this to help each other heal. She told me about how she had worked with a local college, gathered over 250 case studies (most of which she said had positive outcomes) and how she sold this medicine, at cost, to anyone who needed it.

One day her door was knocked down and suddenly her very humble home was filled with FDA and Militia men dressed in black military garb, brandishing fully automatic weapons. She was immediately arrested, spent several days in jail, then was forced to sign documents promising she would never again make her traditional medicine. But, she winked and confided, “I did not promise I wouldn’t show anyone else how to make it”. She urged me to get more education as this ointment is extremely active and if used incorrectly can and will harm healthy tissue. The process must be monitored by a trained eye. I did use it to remove an old mole. The process was painful, but it worked.

She gave me a tremendous gift that long weekend. I gratefully and humbly synthesized all the information and went to work formulating my own Black Salve, not to use for cancer but rather as a serious drawing salve. So I added Bloodroot Powder to my Original Healing Salve, and viola. A superior, strong, safe and effective drawing salve that can help detoxify your body, skin and tissue.

Here’s the low down. The term Black Salve can be used for two broad categories:

  1. Topical cancer salves with zinc chloride
  2. Traditional Drawing salves

The first salve, the subject of Dr. Oz’s piece last week. If you are curious about learning more, I suggest Ingrid Naiman’s book “Cancer Salves” which you can by here on Amazon.

The second, my extra drawing Black Salve contains no zinc chloride, is gentle enough to use for a facial, and strong enough to use for stubborn wounds. It is intended to draw out ugly things like cysts, boils, ticks, and more, but once the process is complete, skin and tissue should return to what it looked like before. Frequently, at work, we will have a Black Salve facial day, leaving our skin smooth and glowing.

But here’s why Dr. Oz’s segment is misguided and dangerous. Drawing salves without zinc chloride can and should be an important part of your daily ritual.

Our bodies are inundated with more and more toxins from heavy metals in our food, water and soil, including unprecedented levels of chemicals, pesticides and carcinogens in our environment. Approximately 70% of the toxins and waste that enter our bodies through food, liquid, supplements, pharmaceuticals, or the air are actually expelled through our skin pores - not through our liver and kidneys.

It is therefore imperative to keep your skin pores open and breathing, so these toxins can easily find the nearest ‘exit door’ from the blood stream. Much of this detoxification happens at night, when your body is recharging in deep REM sleep. So a Black Salve (without zinc chloride) on your face, or bottom of your feet, or under your arms by the lymph nodes is a terrific tool to help keep those skin pores clean, clear and open for business.

Take heart, black salve lovers and check your labels closely. And bring it to work for Facial Fridays!  

As always, I LOVE to hear from you, our Pure Remedy tribe about your experience with my black salve. Please post!

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