Foundation for Indigenous Medicine

We support the work of Indigenous Medicine People in the United States and around the world

Working Towards
a Brighter Future


We support Indigenous Medicine and its healing ways by providing:

  • Opportunities to fund infrastructure projects
  • Educational programs for both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people
  • Quarterly conferences and monthly publications
  • Online marketplace to help grow community based business for medicine people
  • Documentary to help educate about the history and the future of indigenous medicine.
"Remember this. The earth does not belong to man. Man belongs to the earth."
— Chief Seattle

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Return To Freedom

RTF is a major player in Wild Horse Rescue. Their work encompasses so many levels: They rescue horses headed for slaughter and give them a home for life. They work with the Senate and the House of Representatives to lobby on behalf of horses against well funded organizations like oil and the beef industry. They partner with Humane Society and ASPCA to make real change for wild horses on the range and in holding pens. They educate the public on wild horse preservation and management.

Puremedy’s founder, Joan Siegel, has a deep love for horses that began before she was old enough to walk, later adopting and training a wild horse herself. America’s wild horses embody and remind us all who we really are at our core - the essence of being pure, wild and free.

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Animal Recovery Mission

Established in 2010, The Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) is a non profit investigative organization dedicated to eliminating severe animal cruelty operations worldwide.

Our mission is to be an uncompromising defending force for the welfare of animals in addition to putting an end to and preventing pain, suffering and torture inflicted as a result of inhumane practices.

Why we support them: Many animal rescue organizations do phenomenal work. However Animal Recovery Mission rolls up their sleeves to save animals from some of the most extreme abuse cases ever seen or imagined. To ensure justice for these animals and to deter others, they work with District Attorney’s offices to prosecute these cases and put these criminals behind bars. The brave men and women of ARM fight for the most abused and helpless animals and demonstrate incredible courage every day. Their lives are constantly threatened by the world's worst animal abusers. No one deserves support more, and Puremedy is proud to be a contributor. We donate Original Healing Ointment to help their rescued animals heal from past traumatic experiences.

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The Gentle Barn

At The Gentle Barn we stand up for the innocent, and we help animals and children alike remember that they matter.

At The Gentle Barn, we work with children from the inner-city, group homes, mental health care facilities, foster homes, and schools to teach them that even though we are all different on the outside, on the inside we are all the same and are deserving of the same rights, respects and freedom.

Why we support them: The founders of Puremedy and Gentle Barn met over 10 years ago and immediately felt like soul sisters. Joni and Ellie seemed to finish each other's sentences, talking about the mission of both of their organizations. Since then, Puremedy has sponsored events, showed up as a vendor for their Sunday programs, and donated unlimited Original Healing Ointment to their animals at each location to heal their skin and wounds. Made with love by Puremedy, applied with love by the Gentle Barn. A match made in heaven.

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