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Message from our founder, Joni Siegel

During the month of July, we travelled across Southern California to Caliente, California and to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Hisle, South Dakota to meet with indigenous medicine people. We did this as part of our research and studies of the ancient art of natural healing. It’s no secret that the indigenous people of the Americas were well versed in Mother Nature’s remedies & medicinal cures.

The Gift of Nature

This holiday season, more than ever, we’re focused on sharing the gift of nature. From the tranquil be...

The History of Puremedy

We would like to welcome you to our journey and share with you the story of how Puremedy came to exist...

5 Reasons You Need to Use a Drawing Salve Every Night
At Puremedy, we've heard countless stories of the remarkable healing of drawing salve. What is drawing salve? Here's 5 reasons why you should find out!
Topical Uses of Calendula
There are many topical uses for calendula today just as there were in ancient times, and these benefits keep adding up! This homeopathic remedy is a powerhouse of a topical treatment for everything from acne to eczema, wound healing and even bed sores!
The Truth about Black Salves
Curious about Black Salve but are afraid to ask? Some believe a myth: All black salve is dangerous. At Puremedy, we educate people about the uses of black salve, debunk myths & present the facts!

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