About Us

Puremedy is rooted in ancient healing discoveries made by Native Americans and today are backed by modern science.

Our Salve

How did we get our start?

The Original Healing Ointment has been in my family for generations - it was formulated for my great-great-grandfather by an Indigenous Medicine Man. On a mission to share it, 16 years ago I quit my day job, made my first batch, and launched Puremedy into local stores in Santa Monica, CA

What makes our products unique?

It is comprised of a secret and sacred blend of tree resins, barks, flowers, leaves and herbs I Every ingredient comes straight from nature and is certified organic or wild harvested I It is so natural it can be used on any part of the body I Completely non-toxic I Ingredient mix fights bacteria

Why do we love what we do?

It Is incredibly rewarding to hear from customers that we have helped them recover from mild to serious ailments with an all-natural remedy. 25% of our profits also help fund the Foundation for Indigenous Medicine, which aims to preserve and protect ancient healing practices.

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We Believe...

Nature gives us what we need.

We believe nature gives us all the tools we need to heal what ails us and to live healthy and prosperous lives. Equally important, we believe science must be explored in order to fully understand these natural remedies and how best to utilize them. In our family, we’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of examples of how this amazing salve has healed everything from third degree burns, to diabetic foot sores, bed sores, gangrene, surgical infections and much more. But it’s not enough to simply ‘believe’ our salve is effective. It is our job to prove it.

We should provide science-based evidence about our salves.

Using only the best ingredients is important

No animals should be tested on.

Our Ingredients

Puremedy: Powered by the purest ingredients on the planet

We thrive when others succeed

In supporting the work of wonderful non-profits in our community, we work towards a better future for all people and animals.

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