Message from our founder, Joni Siegel

Message from our founder, Joni Siegel

As part of our continuing efforts to sustain and enhance our product line, I wanted to write directly to you, so you would be the first to know what and how we are going about bringing you the finest and most reliable natural healing salves on the market. 



During the month of July, we travelled across Southern California to Caliente, California and to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Hisle, South Dakota to meet with indigenous medicine people. We did this as part of our research and studies of the ancient art of natural healing. It’s no secret that the indigenous people of the Americas were well versed in Mother Nature’s remedies & medicinal cures.


Sweat Lodge, Caliente, California 

Our travels first led us to an absolutely remarkable sweat lodge, led by Thomas Smittle Ten Fingers, on his beautiful equestrian ranch in Caliente, California. A truly incredible purification through an ancient indigenous practice of sweating inside a small lodge over hot stones and water. Truly something that needs to be experienced in order to understand, but it was physically & psychologically purifying, as well as magical.


Pine Ridge Indian Reservation 

After a day on the ranch, we travelled flew to South Dakota to meet with, medicine man, Rudy Escamilla and his beautiful family. Our conversations ranged from the sanctity of Mother Earth, Her natural healing properties to ancient, and often forsaken, wisdom passed down through the elders for thousands of years.

Part of our exploration was to bridge the gap to our non profit organization, Indigenous Medicine Foundation. 


The Indigenous Medicine Foundation 

The Indigenous Medicine Foundation is a cause that will help to bring much needed resources to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and community in Hisle, SD. 

By way of public support, our foundation, will be able to build a sustainable and environmentally friendly healing center in the form of a monolithic dome in order to promote a healthy and natural lifestyle. The facility will provide access to resources that have previously been unavailable to the tribal community. 

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