Heal Your Skin

Original Healing Ointment

Puremedy Original Healing Ointment temporarily relieves symptoms associated with minor skin wounds, superficial burns, swelling and itching.*

$5.99 - $27.95

Black Drawing Ointment

Puremedy's Black Drawing Ointment is a traditional herbal salve formulated with the extra drawing power of bloodroot to remove splinters and other...

$5.00 - $39.95

Eczema & Psoriasis Relief Ointment

Puremedy Eczema & Psoriasis Symptom Relief temporarily relieves symptoms such as itchy and dry flaky skin commonly associated with eczema and psoriasis.*

$5.00 - $29.95

Fungus Relief Ointment

Puremedy Fungus Relief Ointment relieves symptoms commonly associated with skin and nail fungus.*

$17.95 - $39.95

Feminine Moisturizer Herbal Salve

Puremedy Feminine Moisturizer is an effective, yet gentle herbal salve formulated to relieve dryness and provide comfort to the vaginal area.*

$13.95 - $24.95

Cold Sore Relief Ointment

Puremedy Cold Sore Relief Ointment temporarily relieves symptoms such as swelling and dry, itchy skin commonly associated with oral and genital herpetic...

$5.00 - $19.95

Eucalyptus Chest Rub

Puremedy's Eucalyptus Chest rub is a soothing traditional herbal salve formulated to promote deep breathing and relaxation.*  


Hemorrhoid Relief

Hemorrhoid Relief Homeopathic Salve temporarily relieves symptoms such as itching, inflammation and pain associated with hemorrhoids.*

$5.00 - $19.95

Hot Rash

Hot Rash Relief is a soothing and cooling topical salve for use on symptoms associated with burning or itching rashes.*

$5.00 - $19.95

Just Calendula

Puremedy Just Calendula is a soothing multi-purpose herbal salve formulated to relieve dryness and minor skin irritations leaving your skin soft and...

$5.00 - $17.95

Poison Oak & Ivy Relief

Poison Oak & Ivy Relief Salve temporarily relieves skin itching and irritation commonly associated with contact with poison oak and ivy and...

$5.00 - $17.95

Protective Nose Ointment

Puremedy Protective Nose Ointment protects the nasal passages by creating a barrier, helping to block incoming microbes. Also helps to soothe the...

$5.00 - $19.95

Shingles Symptom Relief Ointment

Puremedy Shingles Symptom Relief temporarily relieves symptoms commonly associated with shingles and chicken pox.*

$5.00 - $24.95

Skin Tag Relief

Puremedy Skin Tag Relief temporarily relieves symptoms such as skin excrescences and papules.*

$5.00 - $24.95

Sore Muscle & Joint Relief

Puremedy Sore Muscle & Joint Relief temporarily relieves symptoms, such as, minor pains of muscles and joints.  

$5.00 - $19.95

Wart Relief Ointment

Puremedy Wart Relief Ointment is used topically for warts and excrescences.

$5.00 - $19.95

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