5 Reasons You Need to Use a Drawing Salve Every Night

People who have radiant healthy glowing skin exude the picture of health. One simple tool to improve the quality of your skin is both simple, easy to use and super effective. A drawing salve.

Beauty indeed is not just skin deep and healthy skin also reflects the inner health of our bodies. Radiant glowing skin often signals a healthy lifestyle and a body that is working at optimum strength.

The basic concept: Skin pores need to be clean and clear so they can act as an ‘exit’ door for daily toxins. It’s that easy. Here’s why.

skin diagram

  1. Skin is our largest organ. One of the many important roles it plays is in the Excretory System. We release fluid waste called sweat through our pores. However, pores are easily blocked and congested due to daily dirt and pollution mixing with natural oils on our skin, or from blackheads and pimples blocking toxins from leaving the body.
  2. As enough toxins build up they agitate skin causing redness, dry flakey skin, rash, and other maladies often misdiagnosed by Dermatologists as more serious diseases.
  3. Toxins then travel back through the blood stream looking for an escape route. Eventually they try to get processed through the liver again, which puts more strain on the liver an kidneys. This additional strain can harm these vital organs that we want to nurture and strengthen.
  4. Healthy skin is able to excel at it’s other vital jobs, maintaining temperature homeostasis in the body and protecting the body against invasive microbes.
  5. Our skin releases most of these toxins and daily cellular waste through our skin at night when we are sleeping and our bodies are regenerating from the days work. Before bedtime is the best time to apply a drawing salve to your skin, wherever you notice you feel a little ‘grimy’ in the morning or even notice a foul odor. Common places are under your arms, on your face, on your lymph nodes especially in the groin area, and on the bottom of your feet.

puremedy extra drawing black salve

Help your body to detoxify every day with a food grade drawing salve like Puremedy’s Original Healing Salve which is clinically proven to increase blood circulation where it is applied and bring oxygen to the skin. Use our Extra Drawing Black Salve for deeper detoxifying like as a face mask every few days. Most of our topical salves provide this drawing action which is vital to the overall health and wellness of your body.

Yours in health, Joni

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