The History of Puremedy

We would like to welcome you to our journey and share with you the story of how Puremedy came to exist!  Come on in, join our family, have a seat… 

I would like to share my personal story of how this amazing natural medicine came to be.

It Started With an Injury

In the 1800s, my great great grandfather lived in St Jacques, Canada, as a member of the Métis people. For hundreds of years, my Indigenous and French ancestors lived together in harmony creating a strong blended culture.  In 1863, my great great Grandfather was working as an Iron blacksmith and a wood worker, when his 4 year old son, my great grandfather, had a serious accident. 

At this young age, he fell into a fire and seriously burned his foot. He was rushed to the doctor. By the time my great grandfather arrived, his foot was already severely gangrenous.  The doctor said he would need to amputate his entire leg in order to try to save his life. He warned the boy probably would not survive the amputation. However, this procedure was the doctors only hope. He took down a saw from the wall, ready to begin the brutal surgery with no anesthesia. 

The Red Hawk

As the story goes, just then a red hawk landed on the window sill. My great great grandfather looked upon the bird in acknowledgement, turned back to the doctor, and shouted, “Stop!” He immediately carried his son out of the office, and took him directly to his dear friend, Red Hawk.  The medicine man.

The boy was taken into his teepee. They pulled back the cloths and Red Hawk knew, by the stench, it was bad news. The medicine man rode into the mountains and forest. Here, he performed rituals and ceremonies as he began to gather various offerings from the earth.

When Red Hawk returned he instructed, “Make a fire!” He began melting the ingredients from the forest, in a large pot over the fire. 

The medicine man prepared a salve which was applied to the foot and carefully wrapped in bandages of linen.  With each dressing change, the bandages became cleaner and signs of healing began to appear.  It gave them confidence to keep applying the ointment three times a day as Red Hawk instructed. In just three weeks, his foot was completely healed from the infection without the slightest trace of a scar.  The boy, my great grandfather, lived.  His leg and his life were saved.  

Red Hawk shared this knowledge with my great great grandfather; how to harvest these ingredients and blend them at the correct temperature, to make the most potent version of the salve.  This family recipe has been passed down for over 150 years. 

What's The Secret?

So what did the medicine man harvest that had the power to heal such a severe wound? Our salve is comprised of a secret and sacred blend of tree resins, barks, flowers, leaves and herbs. I have since channeled my ancestors and added to Red Hawks ancient remedy with my own education and experiences to create what is now called Puremedy’s Original Healing Ointment.  With this as our foundation, we have expanded our offerings - bringing you Nature’s Medicine Cabinet.

Since then, Puremedy has helped with hundreds of daily uses, from mosquito bites, piercings, ear aches, skin rash, itches, sore gums and canker sores, rough skin, acne, anti-aging, detox, deep cleansing, inflammation, eczema, skin infections, first aid and of course, burns. 

From my ancestors and I, we welcome you to generations of healing.

With love,


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