A Puremedy Success Story - Bella the Goat

Bella was attacked by a dog, left for days with no medical attention and then brought to an animal shelter by her owner. The shelter didn't have resources to care for goats and Bella was scheduled to be euthanized.

At the last minute, the shelter called and asked us to step in and we took her to the hospital for emergency treatment. We were told she would probably lose her leg but, after months of care and hard work, we succeeded in saving her life and her leg.

We packed the wound with Puremedy Healing Salve several times a day for three months and the wound soon began shrinking, healing and regenerating new healthy skin.

Before Bella has permanent tendon damage and walks with a limp, but thanks to Puremedy Healing Salve she doesn’t even have a scar! Bella is happy and loved here at The Gentle Barn and follows visitors around insisting people pet her, always nudging for more, and she loves a good chin scratch!

Bella is here at The Gentle Barn every Sunday if you want to come see her, give her a treat or a kiss, or just tell her how much she is appreciated and loved!

Puremedy proudly supports The Gentle Barn, an animal rescue facility north of LA! They use donated Puremedy healing salves as a topical remedy for recovering animals. Read the full story on their blog.

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