The Gift of Nature

This holiday season, more than ever, we’re focused on sharing the gift of nature.

From the tranquil beauty of the forest to the peaceful sound of the ocean’s waves, the natural world brings us a sense of calm.

Nature also brings healing, providing us with powerful ingredients discovered long ago by those who honor the earth. Formulated with the purest ingredients, these remedies and salves have stood the test of time, as well as modern-day science.

Share the restorative gift of nature, and support the health and wellness of your loved ones, with thoughtfully curated remedies from nature’s medicine cabinet!

For Baby: Baby Salve

Are you welcoming a newborn into the family this holiday season? Gently formulated for a baby’s delicate skin (or anyone with sensitive skin), this soothing Baby Salve is a must-have multi-purpose ointment that temporarily relieves symptoms associated with dryness, irritations, scrapes, scratches, cuts and itching.

For Mom: Just Calendula

We know mom deserves the world, yet sometimes the little things mean the most! Formulated with ultra-soothing Calendula, this multi-purpose herbal salve delivers moisturizing natural relief from dry skin.

For Dad: Sore Muscle & Joint Relief

Looking for a gift for dad that he’ll actually use? Look no further than this Sore Muscle & Joint Relief Salve! Enhanced with the best powerhouse herbs and roots like organic cayenne pepper and turmeric, this topical remedy goes right to work to relieve muscle and joint pain immediately.

For The Medicine Cabinet: Original Healing Ointment

Healing wounds naturally for over 150 years, Puremedy’s Original First Aid & Wound Ointment relieves symptoms associated with minor skin wounds, superficial burns, swelling and itching. An all-purpose, thoughtful and practical gift for any household!

For Your Furry Friend: Veterinary Wound Care

For four-legged friends that feels like family, Puremedy’s Wound Care & First Aid
Ointment is designed for animal wellness. Show them extra love with a gentle salve that helps relieve and heal any of your animal’s wounds that may arise, including insect bites, saddle sores or rashes.

We hope you find joy in sharing in the gifts of nature—and health—this holiday season. These healing salves made from natural and organic ingredients have long been a part of my family’s tradition. By sharing these natural remedies, we hope to support your own family’s wellness, and maybe add to your own tradition.

We wish you and your whole family the gift of health and vitality this holiday season, and into the new year!

Blessings in health,

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