Post-Menopausal Success Story

Truly amazing success story that all post-menopausal women should read!!

One of our clients was experiencing bladder leakage. Searching for an answer, she had undergone three vaginal mesh surgeries. Each were disappointingly unsuccessful, so the doctor decided to put her on estrogen boosters.

Hot flashes became unbearable, and she was no longer able to enjoy sexual intimacy with her husband due to the terrible pain it caused. She had been presented with the option to undergo another surgery for a pricey $4,000.00 which could not promise results.

Searching for another answer, she went into her local health food store and spoke to the manager about her troubles. The manager pointed her in the direction of Puremedy, and informed her of how successful our line has become. She took a leap of faith, tried Puremedy’s Feminine Moisturizer, and noticed immediate results.

After three months, she has noticed a dramatic improvement in her bladder strength, and at 67, is now fully enjoying sexual intimacy with her husband.

Now, who could ask for more?!

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