Taking muscle and joint relief to a deeper level

Science proves that our Sore Muscle & Joint formula penetrates through all layers of your skin, increasing blood circulation where you apply the ointment. While this might not sound like a big deal, it really is. For three reasons.


The first reason being that each ingredient is actually being delivered directly to your muscles and joints. This is extremely important. Watch out for other topical lotions that contain water because they will not provide the same action. These lotions are literally watered down. Water based lotions are NOT clinically proven to increase blood circulation, like our Sore Muscle & Joint relief ointment. In a study conducted by NCNM, our ointment is shown to increase circulation and oxygen levels as much as 13% in the first 30 minutes.

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The second reason builds upon the first. My ingredients are rock stars when it comes to soothing muscles and joints, delivering the best of the best right on target. I make all of my own herbal extracts of Arnica, Calendula and Elder Flower because I use the maximum amount of herbs possible. In fact every topical ointment I make contains the full strength mother tincture, as directed by the Homeopathic Materia Medica. Most Homeopathic Manufacturers dilute their ingredients when used topically, but in fact we are supposed to be using this strong, rich mother tincture. Please check labels to make sure you’re getting full strength ingredients topically which would be denoted as 1X under “drug facts”.


The third reason is my absolute favorite. Because the ointment is increasing circulation, I make my own extracts to ensure they deliver the maximum amount of healing benefits. I soak these herbs in Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil for several days and days, ensuring maximum extraction of their vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and other healing properties. Both Arnica and Elder Flower show anti-inflammatory properties in separate studies. Then, to take this ointment to a super star level, I add organic eucalyptus oil and a small amount of cayenne to open up the cells even more. This allows healing properties to maximize absorption by skin and tissue cells. Finally I top off this masterpiece with organic turmeric powder, which is clinically proven to reduce pain and inflammation. All this is built on a foundation of organic castor oil, organic coconut oil and soothing organic shea butter. Truly a work of art, under $10.00! Bring a jar to your next massage for a special spot treatment of extra sore spots!

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I have to tell you one story, which I love. One of my Sales Reps was doing a Demo in a store in Northern California. A 93-year-old woman approached her table, raving about how our Sore Muscle & Joint ointment relieved her Rheumatoid Arthritis after years and years when nothing else worked. She literally stood at the table with my Rep for two hours pulling everyone in to tell them her story! Not to mention she had more energy than my Rep! Needless to say, she sold all our products on the shelf that day and when the last one was gone, she said, “Well my work here is done!” I truly love our customers. We hear these amazing stories all the time and each one makes my heart sing. You guys are the reason I get out of bed every day. So please keep your stories coming - you make my day!


Yours in health ~ Joni Siegel

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