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The Truth about Black Salves
Curious about Black Salve but are afraid to ask? Some believe a myth: All black salve is dangerous. At Puremedy, we educate people about the uses of black salve, debunk myths & present the facts!
A Holistic Look at Healing Acne
More than 60 million Americans suffer from acne and that number is on the rise. So, what causes acne and how can it be resolved in a holistic way resulting in strong, vibrant skin?
A Puremedy Success Story - Bella the Goat
Bella was attacked by a dog, left for days with no medical attention and then brought to an animal shelter by her owner. Find out how Puremedy and the Gentle Barn saved her life!
Big Pharma ditches antibiotic research when it’s needed most - Puremedy responds

"Every year, at least 2 million Americans get infected with bacteria that have evolved to resist antib...

Taking muscle and joint relief to a deeper level
The ingredients in Puremedy's healing salves are rock stars when it comes to soothing joint and muscle pain, delivering the best of the best.
7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Our New ‘Dream Deodorant!'
Every ingredient in our new Dream Deodorant is found in nature. This herbal deodorant kills bacteria fast & provides a clean, calming sensation.

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